MS08-067 – ACT NOW!

I blogged today about the work outbreak. We are seeing an increasing number of critical support calls because of customers being infected by the worm attacking the vulnerability fixed in MS08-067. Let me be even clearer than before: The update is out now for a month and believe me: There is a reason why we…


Attacks on MS08-067

As we were pushing on our Out-of-Band release earlier this month we tried to make you understand that immediate deployment is needed as the vulnerability is high risk. Otherwise we would not have gone out of band… Interestingly enough, we have not seen widespread attacks since now. Earlier today now we released different pieces of…


Security Risks in the Supply Chain?

At the moment I am travelling through the Gulf in order to launch the Security Intelligence Report v5 with local data. During one of the discussions today, a question was raised which I was thinking about quite some while (but – honestly – do not have an answer yet): How do you manage the risks…


How Spam Filters work

Just a short one: I think I had to feed that into the requirements list for our Exchange team: Roger


Get Safe Online – This Week

We see this concept all over Europe: There are National Security Awareness Days (or how ever they are called) in a lot of European countries. During these events, the industry (from software to banking to government to …) gets together to raise awareness on the most important trends, criminals explore attacking  their victims. This week…


Security – One of the Key Reasons to Migrate to Windows Vista (part 2)

In my last post, I briefly touched on different features of Windows Vista, which I think are important with regards to the view on Windows XP vs. Windows Vista. Let’s take a different approach now: I recently was on a panel in Eastern Europe where I was asked, which model generates more secure software: The…


Security – One of The Key Reasons to Migrate to Windows Vista (part 1)

The value of Windows Vista is often questioned. There are a lot of customers who still think that there might be nor reason to migrate to Windows Vista. I will publish two blog posts giving you some views on the security of our latest operating system. Most of the facts in here are widely known…


Safe Social Networking

I am often asked by a lot of people what my view is on the social networks like Facebook and what I think about it. Well, the most important points first: I am using social networks myself as I like them to keep an eye on people I might lose otherwise. However, I am really…


Lottery Scams – One of the Biggest Threat to End Users

I just want to tell you that I will retire. Yes, sure! I just won twice in a lottery. I just have to make sure that all the taxes and insurance policies are paid… You know them as well, don’t you? The mails you get to tell you that you won in a lottery (maybe…


The Next Version of ISA Server (“live” from TechEd EMEA)

If is once again one of these posts with the start like “I am just sitting in a session…”. Actually I had some time today to visit sessions and look into some things I have never seen. We often have discussions around the future of our products and what we in the field think should…