Hacker arrested for Video Giving Tips for ATM Skimmers

It will be interesting how you see it. When I blogged on Suspended Jail for Hacking Tutorial in France, I got quite some negative feedback like “do you have nothing better to do than to go after these guys”, “why should it be illegal to publish such a tutorial” etc. So, where do you draw the line? I think I was clear about that in my last post and here again: If you have a clear tutorial to commit a criminal activity, this should be punished.

Now, a Turkish hacker was arrested because he published a video with a lot of tips how to skim ATMs: Turkish hacker arrested by FBI made video giving tips for installing ATM skimmers – is this now going too far as well for you? What about your bank account 🙂 ?


Comments (2)

  1. JohnB says:

    I think this is still going too far. When you say "tutorial to commit a criminal activity", you’re really referring to a tutorial to exploit a vulnerability.

    Whether this vulnerability is software in nature or not, I think it is better to disseminate the information about the vulnerability in order to better arm consumers and companies.

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