Getting Ready for TechED EMEA

It is as so often, autumn is the time when all the big events are happening in EMEA. This week was RSA Europe (or I think still is) and next week I am looking forward to TechEd EMEA in Barcelona.

So, I worked at RSA Europe on Monday and Tuesday on the two stories with went live with (the Desktop OS Vulnerability Report and the Lottery Scam Announcement) and now I am preparing for TechEd EMEA. Next week, there will be a very interesting week in Barcelona. There a people coming over from the Forefront team (I have seen screenshots of beta 2 of Forefront – join these sessions, it is worth it), from the Malware Protection Center (we will launch the Security Intelligence Report) and so on. So, watch my blog, I will do my best to give you the news here.

Yes, and last but definitely not least, I will run a session on Wednesday:

SEC203: End-to-End Trust: The Internet - a safer place to work, play, learn and do business (10:45 - 12:00)

Threats change, criminals evolve new ways of stealing money, and valuable data and trust in the Internet continues to come under attack. It's a classic tale of good versus evil with the future of the Internet at stake. The industry is faced with a challenge - either secure the Internet and gain users' trust or lose control to the bad guys and see the value of one of man's greatest inventions dwindle. This session will give you insight into next generation security and Trustworthy Computing's vision for creating an Internet we can trust from end-to-end.

and immediately after I will be in the Ask the Expert’s area. So if you want to know about End to End Trust or just want to come by for a chat, you know where to find me.

One question to you: IN order to keep my blog updated during TechEd EMEA, does anybody know a good Blog Writer for Windows Mobile 6? I was not able to find something which is really worth the installation…


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  1. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    Hi Roger,

    Good luck with your session.

    Try the following for mobile blogging application..

    moBlog –

    or Diarist 2.1 –



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