Estonia’s Cyber Security Strategy

Following the attacks on Estonia, they published a pretty interesting paper called Cyber Security Strategy by the Ministry of Defense in Estonia. One thing which I see again and again is that most of the people looking into such strategies conclude that strong collaboration is needed between the different players as well as across country borders. I recently made the statement that the only people profiting from missing collaboration are the criminals – and I am serious about that.

So, there are five policies identified by Estonia to work on:

  1. The development and large-scale implementation of a system of security measures

  2. Increasing competence in cyber security

  3. Improvement of the legal framework for supporting cyber security

  4. Bolstering international co-operation

  5. Raising awareness on cyber security

You will find the whole report here.


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  1. xhtml coding says:

    well  i need to strengthen my security

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