Why you should move to IPv6 – NOW!

Honestly, if you are not living in China it might not be that urgent but read yourself: China running out of IP addresses


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  1. Joe Klein says:

    Please don’t move to IPv6!

    We like bloatware, coming from Microsoft and Microsoft partners that include extra code to bypass IPv4 NAT’s.  And as many people are experience, the more nested NAT’s the better! This allows you to buy more VOIP and application gateways, because everyone knows complexity is good for security. We need those NAT’s and extra gateways, because the hardware and software vendors need to sell us more crap.

    And yes, as others moved to IPv6, the ability to no longer reach those services, is ok with us, you did not need that business anyway. Add the countries and continents which are unable to obtain additional IPv4 addresses; you did not need to do business with them either. A reverse Metcalf’s law is always important to do global business and improves security. The fewer connections the better, I say.

    Additionally, others on IPv6, don’t have to do business with you, because your code will not work correctly and will open more security holes because it was simply ‘ported to IPv6’, with no eye on security. That is good, right?

    Then there is that learning thing, you don’t want to actually take a class, to learn how to create a security and operational IPv6 network? It’s just the same as IPv4, just slap a NATPT firewall on it and it will be safe?  Management was right, no need to learn more ‘networking stuff’ and ‘proper coding’ in IPv6!

    Lastly, there is the killer application that will eventually appear on IPv6. Management will want it, and it’s ok to haphazardly implement IPv6, it worked for implemented IPv4. But management said to do it that way.

    So please, don’t move to IPv6, it’s just too much of a hustle, requires learning new things, opens more security holes and providing the business more opportunities.  

    You would not want to do that, would you?

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