Secure Development: More than „just“ code!

I just read an interesting post by Michael Howard (Security is bigger than finding and fixing bugs). He refers to a statement Google seem to have made on its development practices (Google shares its security secrets):

In order to keep its products safe, Google has adopted a philosophy of ‘security as a cultural value’. The programme includes mandatory security training for developers, a set of in-house security libraries, and code reviews both by Google developers and outside security researchers.

This reminds me of the days back at University: I learned a hell lot about Software Engineering, Data Modeling and stuff like that. Well, I learned about programming as well (up until I was able to look at Niklaus Wirth’s Modula-2 compiler – but this is a different story). And then I started my first job in the industry – and all of a sudden I had to learn that there nobody actually cared about a design. Just write the code! Nobody “had time to do a design on paper, this is just a waste of time”. Did it work? Not really.

Now, we are coming to security and what do we do: Look at the code. Look for security vulnerabilities in the code. What about the design? What about the threat models? This drives me nuts: Why are we not ready to learn from…

  1. … the past
  2. … the learning others went through?

I know that our Security Development Lifecycle is pretty successful which can be shown by a lot of different metrics – Michael gives a few in his blog. Additionally, we are working with SafeCode to share the experience and learn from others. Why do other companies not join in?


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