Improvement in Incident Response: ICASI launched

At FIRST in Vancouver the formation of the Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI) was announced (I love abbreviations J). This consortium addresses in my opinion an important challenge of today's incident response which is cross-vendor collaboration. A lot of threats and incidents in today's world are having an impact on more than one vendor and are internationally. Therefore a close collaboration in order to tackle these incidents is of outmost importance. ICASI is addressing this issue.

From the ICASI website:

ICASI intends to be a trusted forum for addressing international, multi-product security challenges. This trusted forum extends the ability of information technology vendors to proactively address complex security issues and better protect enterprises, governments, and citizens, and the critical IT infrastructures that support them. ICASI shares the results of its work with the IT industry through papers and other media.

Microsoft, together with Cisco, IBM, Intel and Juniper is a founding member of ICASI.


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