Deploying Forefront Client Security at Microsoft

A question I often get is "How does Microsoft solve the problem x in their IT?" (e.g. How does Microsoft do Patch Management). These questions are usually directed towards MSIT (Microsoft IT as we call it) and not towards Microsoft as a vendor.

I guess you know that we have a site called IT Showcase – How Microsoft does IT to give you exactly these insights and there are even people from MSIT giving presentations to customer on different topics.

The other question I get is "By the way, does Microsoft use Forefront to protect its network?" and this is most often directed towards Forefront Client Security. This question was a little bit harder to answer as MSIT started the roll-out quite a while ago but when they pilot technology, they mostly start on the Redmond Campus (our Headquarters) and then selectively go around the globe. This makes a lot of sense as you have to control the cost of problems and they are often less costly (and easier to address) if you can just walk to the other building compared to having to do it remotely.

We were using CA eTrust in the past and I was part of the Forefront Client Security pilot since quite a while now and I love it (I have to anyway but I really like it). The reason for that: I do not see and feel it at all. No performance trade-offs, no problems at all. No, I did not have any malware on the PC (yet).

If you want to know more about how we did and still do the roll-out of FCS, there is the site to go to:

Deploying Forefront Client Security at Microsoft

Including a technical whitepaper, a PowerPoint presentation and a Webcast

Now, it is your turn: Go out and deploy it J


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