Server Core in our Security Bulletins

A question that was often raised after the launch of Windows Server 2008 was about Server Core and our Security Bulletins: How do you know whether a Server Core installation needs updating as well? We just added a statement to our Security Bulletins this month answering this question. As an example in MS08-036 we state under Affected and Non-Affected Software: Supported editions of Windows Server 2008 are not affected if installed using the Server Core installation option and in MS08-035 we state: For supported editions of Windows Server 2008, the same severity rating applies whether or not installed using the Server Core installation option.

I hope this helps to make your life a little bit easier


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  1. Anonymous says:


    yes, there is some content on

    There is a whole site dedicated to Security Update Management:

    In addition MSIT (our internal IT) shows how we do Update management at Microsoft from a server and a desktop perspective:

    This is the server side: and Dekstop:

    Hope this helps


  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there any best practices or whitepaper on how to best apply/install security patches?

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