The Best Security Blogs on the Web

Well, this is not what I am claiming to have…. This is what I am looking for. At the moment, I am monitoring/reading the following security-related blogs (sorted alphabetically):



News Feeds

Other Security   

Blogs on Microsoft

So, what I am looking for now, is what am I missing here? What are the blogs you are recommending? I am looking for blogs as well that cover more organizational themes, architectural discussions, security trends or focused on Europe, Middle East and Africa or part of it.

I do not have a problem if you do "self-advertising J" Once I have the list together, I will add the links based on your feedback.


Comments (2)

  1. susan says:

    Jesper Johansson

    Alun Jones

    No disrespect intended as I find out about SP releases that way, but MJ Foley, Ed Bott and Bink I wouldn’t exactly call security.  While they do have security related topics, they are more for keeping a finger on the pulse of Microsoft in general.

  2. Eran Smith says:

    This is pretty cool stuff. I was looking for the same. Thanks for listing all the great blogs at one place.

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