More of a third of software is stolen

BSA just released today a new piracy study and there are some remarkable facts in there:

  • The worldwide weighted average of piracy rate is 38%
  • The median piracy rate in 2007 is 61%

Think about the second point for a second: This means that in half of the countries they studied, the piracy rate is 61% or higher. 61% of the software is stolen and people are using stolen software and are making money out of it. For you, this would mean the following: It is Wednesday today. So from now on until the end of the week you deliver your work but do not get paid for! People will simply steal the rest of your week – amazing isn't it.

It even gets worth: The piracy rage is from around 20% (so, this is the lowest figure on the globe) in countries like the US, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Japan,… to more than 90% in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Armenia.

What does this mean from a security perspective? I would love to see a study on how these users patch their machines. As we have mostly infection rates on machines that use the Malicious Software Removal Tool and Windows Update. So, there is no real hold on this question. However, my guess is that the ones that know that they have a pirated copy will probably not patch – the others will (there are a lot of people buying a PC in good faith but the vendor "sells" them a pirated copy). My guess is that these PCs are a "good home" for bots and all kinds of malware and attacks but as I said, this is just a concern and a guess – not real knowledge.

If you want to have a look at the study, there you go: Fifth Annual BSA and IDC Global Software Piracy Study


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  1. Becn says:

    Good point

    I have no idea why people pirate software when there’s perfectly good software available for free.

    I mean – why bother?

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