Microsoft is winning the NAC war

I just read an interesting chat with Joel Snyder from Opus One who did Interop testing on the different NAC solutions. I think he makes some statements which are worth to read (from my perspective anyway J):

  • He also says that those who are anti-NAC simply don't understand the technology.
  • What we ended up with was about a dozen demonstrations, all showing what you need for a complete NAC solution. And it really focused on "let's start with Microsoft and work out from there." Much more satisfying than trying to have three silos like we've done in the past that don't work together.
  • We have seen some consolidation in the NAC space. Can you provide an update on the NAC market and where it's heading?
    Towards Microsoft, for sure. The key is that the desktop is EVERYTHING and Microsoft is making the right noises about standards and openness and making things work in the big picture. So we have already seen Microsoft and the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) get together, and I think it's only a matter of time before we also see the other vendors like Cisco at least have a good accommodation of the Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) framework.

There is much, much more (the chat is quite long) and give some good insights into NAC/NAP in the future. Read it here Microsoft is winning the NAC war, expert says


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