Public Testing for Office

Are you working on Office System 2007? Ever looked for a command, you knew in 2003 exactly where it is but you were unable to locate it? Well, do not get me wrong: Since I am used to the Ribbon, I love it – really. And my wife is all of a sudden able to work with Excel as she seems to find stuff…

Nevertheless, there is a new add-on to test called Search Commands. Search Commands adds a tab to your ribbon and gives you the option to look for a command in Office 2007 – it immediately gives you all the commands that relate to your search – really cool.

How did I find it? We have a site called Office Labs with this kind of trials on.

Give it a try


Comments (2)

  1. rhalbheer says:

    Hi Jason,

    what exactly are you looking for?


  2. Jason Hart says:

    But where can I find the redaction tool no one seems to know. Looks like it just dissapeared.


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