Blogging on MOSS 2007 (SharePoint)

As you probably realized, I stopped the series "How I secure my Infrastructure" as the hit rate on the corresponding posts have been pretty low. However, if I have something which I think is interesting and/or cool, I will still add a post. This one has close to nothing to do with security but much more with blogging – I simply would put it in the "cool" baskets.

Actually I was talking to somebody recently about my blog and that I see the highest hit rates whenever I blog on real technical stuff. As soon as I raise questions on policies/organizations, the hit rate drops significantly. During this discussion I realized that the problem might well be that the blog is on TechNet – and there you expect mainly technical stuff. Therefore I went out and started to think about running a second blog on a different URL. Finally I ended up using my SharePoint at home. So, what is cool on that – so far nothing. I started to play a little bit with a blog site on SharePoint but, well, it looked not really sexy and I did not want to invest a lot of time designing my blog. I started to search on the Internet (on J) and found a site called Codeplex – if you are running SharePoint and do not know this site, it is great. This is our OpenSource project for SharePoint and they offer a project called Community Kit for Sharepoint: Extended Blog Edition. In addition they have Wiki, Discussion Boards, Intranets, …

It is: Downloading, installing, using. And they have a lot of functionality which can be easily configured or implemented like the Captchas for comments and stuff like that.

If you want to see a page running on that kit:

At the moment the Technet blog and the one above have the same posts in it. In the future I am thinking about separating the blogs: Having some joint posts, having the more technical stuff on TechNet and the more policy-related content on the new blog.

We will see, what the future brings


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  1. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    Hi Roger,

    I really liked the template. It is really an interesting work.

    Thanks for sharing.



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