Security Pros ignoring their own message

As you probably know: I am Swiss. We have a saying in Switzerland (I do not know whether something like this exists in English as well) that the kids of the shoemaker always have the worst shoes… So, what about the security professionals? No, I am not talking about their shoes but what about the way they handle security?

It seems that during Infosec (the information security exhibition in London) there were quite some notebook just lying around and – even worse – unlocked. Now, we ask the users to take care but we do not even do the basics right? I once said a few years ago that whenever I find an unlocked notebook in the office, I would add myself as a local admin (as most of us are admin on the box, this is a fairly easy task if the machine is not locked). Now, after doing that I waited for the next time we had a meeting together. It is Microsoft attitude that you take your notebook to the meetings (and some do e-mails during the meetings L). I then remotely rebooted their notebook… I can tell you, the look they had on their face during that was really worth it.

If you want to read the whole story on Infosec: Infosec: Security pros 'ignoring' their own message


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