“The Security Business has no Future” (Quote by IBM)

This is actually an interesting statement. If you had ever to deal with the press you know how these headlines are composed. It might be that the person actually made the sentence in this way – the question is whether he meant it so absolute. Nevertheless, if you read the corresponding article on darkReading, I am impressed how closely we and IBM agree:

"The security industry is flying by the seat of its pants," Rahamani said. "Security infrastructure has been dictated by the bad guys... as new threats arise, we put new products in place. This is an arms race we cannot win."


"If we really want to get ahead of the threat, we need to start thinking about re-engineering our businesses and processes. We need to make them more secure and compliant by design, and we need to move more security and compliance technologies into the fabric of our standard infrastructure and application environments."

Think about that for a moment. Does this mean that we should get rid of today's solutions? I do not think so. Does this mean that we should think about overall approaches on security instead of going threat after threat? Absolutely. As I wrote last week, we published a whitepaper called "End to End Trust" which addresses exactly this. Therefore, I would invite IBM to join in to the debate. Only together we can win!


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  1. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    Atleast you guys agree on something.

    Most of the time  you guys dont agree with each other 😀


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