How long does it take to hack a Power Plant?

I start to get scared – more and more. Back in September I blogged on Critical Infrastructure Protection – Live which shows what would happen if somebody would be able to tamper with power generators. Now, during RSA there was a guy called Ira Winkler telling the audience that they had the job to do a penetration testing on a power company network and that they got in in a day. I do not think that this is surprising especially as part of their successful attack was using social engineering techniques (which the attackers usually do heavily) but it is still very, very scary! It is said that they gained access to the grid. The question is – how far. Read it yourself.


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  1. Dorian the topnotch blog replier says:

    the fact that hackers could have the possible control over our electricity supply, as well as our computers is a rather bothersome thing to think about. they would be able to control every aspect of our lives, because of how much we reply on these two products.

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