New Privacy-Technology enables new (private) Business Models

We announced it recently: Be acquired the U-Prove technology by a company called Credentica and quite some key members of Credentica have joined us. When we announced it, my excitement was – well – limited. It was another company we bought. But when I started to look into it, I started to understand the potential of the technology.

Think about the following scenario: You want to offer a chartroom for teenagers. Typical problem of this scenario is, how do you make sure that the teen can come in and the perverts stay out and leave the teens alone? What you usually do is, collecting all kinds' o information (name, address etc) in trying to find a way proving the age. With that, you just created a privacy problem and probably not, what I would like to see as a parent. So, U-Prove now allows you to verify an attribute of the identity (in this case the age) without revealing the whole identity. If you think it through, this gives you all new ways of creating tailored services without having to care about the privacy problems as you do not collect any PII anymore – cool isn't it?

If you want to read more, read Brand's blog (one of the founders of Credentica):

Or Kim Cameron's blog:

I am looking forward seeing this integrated e.g. into CardSpace and then you adopting it.


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