The „fun“ of travel

Well, there are people who keep telling me that travelling is fun. Let me tell you a story (true, just happened to me today) – kind of business as usual.

I am scheduled to speak at an IDC Event tomorrow in Belgrade (if you happen to be there, just come and say hello). So I was scheduled to fly from Zurich to Vienna tonight and then on a connection to Belgrade, being in the bar by 21:40 and having the preparation beer. As always, if you have enough time, flights are on time, if you have to connect, they are delayed. So, they announced an insignificant delay of 10 minutes, when we boarded, which grow to 30 minutes until we left (my connection time was 50 minutes and I was sitting in row 28…), which summed up to 45 minutes until we landed. I asked the cabin crew, whether I could go to business class for landing in order to leave the plane much faster, which the denied. So I am stranded in a hotel in Vienna now L.

Good news is that there is an early morning flight to Belgrade tomorrow. Bad news: It boards 5:55 but will (hopefully) bring me to the even by 8:30

Who said travelling was fun?


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    As you have seen in my post The Fun of Travel , I was in Belgrade this week. It was the opening event

  2. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    atleast you will see a place "Belgrade" after going through all this….you travel all the time thats why for you maybe travelling is not fun anymore 🙂

    You know ppl say – excess of everything is bad 😀

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