2-year old terrorist

Well, this is not new: Government agencies with insecure websites. Actually I did not want to blog on this (you find the article about an insecure TSA-website here) but then I drilled into the comments and there is one that actually shocked me (well, no, this is wrong it did not even surprise me but it shows the success of the fight against terror of the US):

My two-year-old is on the list (this is the no-fly-list we are talking of here). After I found that out on a family trip, I lost the last ounce of faith I had in the system. The ticketing agent said he will always be on the list and will always be flagged for secondary screening for the rest of his life. I just laughed since I am pretty sure this security won't last too long.

It is amazing: DHS is able to tell that you are becoming a terrorist even at the age of 2!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is basically a very interesting and pretty fundamental question for the society. After 9/11 the

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