You thought Worms are gone? Think again!

I am one of the security guys saying that the likelihood for us seeing events like Blaster or Slammer again is very, very low (this shall not be a "call to action" for the criminals…). I think that the measures the whole industry took as well as the increased awareness with the consumer made it very hard to write a highly automated, aggressive worm again.

Well, I just read about a new threat: We have seen more and more cities starting to offer free WiFi for anybody being nearby. The village I was in for my skiing vacation in Switzerland actually offered a free service as well for 30 minutes. Then you had to sign in again. If you did not want to do that, you might pay. It seems, however, that the WiFi routers are open for wormable attacks as well: WiFi flu: viral router attack could hit whole cities


Comments (3)

  1. robert w. grant says:

    i believe worms will never be gone and with people always getting smarter with computers, worms will just get more and more advanced. the conficer c worm that is suppose hit on April first will probably start a new generation of worms and other new viruses

  2. ZTD says:

    If you think a worm is gone, well there not.  They will mostly be around forever.  Most people should use anti-virus and protectors ti protect there computers.  More and more people are going to put more worms out there to get your information, its going to hit big within the next few years.  Things need to start happening about this.

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