I am in the position of the Chief Security Advisor in Europe, Middle East and Africa since February 1st. Since then I am blogging here (before that I ran together with Urs the Swiss Security Blog). The hits per post rose over the first 6-7 months but now started to slowly drop. However, looking at the ranking of all the Technet blogs, this one is slowly on the raise. Now, I think it is time to ask you:

  • Are you "just" looking at the RSS Feed or do you actually read the posts? (I have the figures of direct browser hits, which does not yet mean that you really read it).

  • Are the themes I am covering the ones you are interested in or would you expect something different? If yes, what?

  • Is it worth the time you invest to read the posts?

  • Are there not enough or too many posts?

  • What else?

I am open to any kind of feedback. Please avoid being "politically correct", you might be open and candid. You can give me the feedback directly ( or as comments, which I would prefer as the others could read your feedback as well.

One feedback to you: You started to comment in the last few months, and I really love that. Go on with that, even if you disagree, this is what this blog is here for


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  1. rhalbheer says:

    Hi Marcin,

    it is not necessarily the traffic I am interested in (or not only – I mean if nobody wants to read the blog, I do not have to write it) but really to understand whether I can actually add more value to the readers already being there


  2. Shoaib Yousuf says:

    Hi Roger,

    I have been reading your blog for bit time now but recently putting comments on it. Your blog is one of the blogs which i check 1st in the morning as a news paper.

    Any comments, Informations, Questions and Security Trends by a Security Professional like you is very valuable. It really helps to learn alot from you and get your opinions on things which is happening in Security world.

    As a Microsoft – Chief Security Advisor, you are taking out your some time from your valuable time for this blog and i personally think we all should take advantage of your efforts.

    Amount of posts are reasonable too. Keep up the good work Roger. We all (Atleast me) learn and will keep on learning alot of things from you.

    Come on guys, if you read blog we should particpate in that as well. Comments are the best way to give feedback or ask questions. With the help of comments we are able to ask questions free of charge from Roger 😉




  3. Peder Vendelbo Mikkelsen says:

    I am one of your direct browser hits, as i often read directly from the Technet blog feed i setup on, usually in the morning and when i get home from work (GMT +1). But i also suck content down in a offline RSS feed-reader, so i can use it for reference at a later time if neccesary.

    You are writing good titles that usually makes them stand out from the Technet firehose.

    One thing i miss is more content on how i could work in more secure ways doing normal everyday admin-tasks.

    Another thing i have been giving thought in the last couple of weeks, is how i could go about using some of the Business Intelligence features of SQL-server to help me in my job (data mining after failures, security breaches or load-trends from the servers). I am not shure how to start with it but perhaps you or some of your readers can think of something.

    I dont think you should set a limit for postings, it will show if you are pushing it and you probably will not enjoy it in the end if you couldnt write as you please.

  4. marcin says:

    Hey Roger… As a blogger, I understand where you’re coming from with these questions. From my experience,

    Traffic will come from the following:

    Feed subscribers

    Search engine results

    Referring sites

    Your subscribers should be #1 audience/priority. They will be reading your site via their RSS reader, and will only open your site in their web browser if they want to comment.

    Getting comments and a discussion going is one of the tougher things to do, cause it requires you to get people to break out of their feed readers and go directly to your site.. And then to keep it going, they will bookmark the page and check for updates or subscribe to the post’s comment feed.

    So for your blog, you should have the main RSS/Atom feed, a Comments feed, and a "comments-per-post" feed.

    As far as content goes, as MS’ CSA for three regions, I would like to see more Microsoft related stuff. What is Microsoft doing security-wise in these regions. One thing that turns me off from blogs and will make me unsubscribe from them is blogs that have turned into "echo chambers;" those that merely repost news items from other blogs, social networks, news sites, etc. I have enough of those to read from, so doing MS security stuff is nice for a change. 🙂

    I think your posting schedule is okay, I try averaging 1 post every 3-5 days. Some sites post once a day which to me is fine, however anymore and it starts to get a little too much to handle.

    Another thing that was really cool, is I never knew who you were or about this blog until you posted a comment on mine. Posting comments and participating in discussions on other blogs will definitely help increase your blog’s readership.

    I hope this helps, and it doesn’t have to be specific to Roger’s blog, but others can adapt the advice as well to their own.


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