The next step at home: Windows Home Server

One of the big challenges we face all the time is how to control one of these growing networks at home. How shall I help my neighbors to actually manage their growing environment with different PCs (one per parent and one per kid and a mediacenter and, and, and)? I assume that you know that feeling.

I do not say (yet) that all the problems are solved but at least we did one significant step with a product we call Windows Home Server - a server version (as OEM version) targeted to the above described scenarios. Definitely something to look at and something that will help us in the future to help our friends and family to manage their environment in a secure, safe and easy way.

Here is the blog of the Windows Home Server team:

Here is the demo:

And here is the product page:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I told you that I will keep you posted. We had some pretty exciting announcement at the keynote at IT

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