Mary Jo Foley: It’s payback time: If the Vista team could write ad copy …

Well, well: You know that I never ever would bash a competitor and I will not do so now. However, I have to give you the link to the above mentioned article – not because of the article but because of the comments the article got. It seems that our efforts around Trustworthy Computing pay off. I have to quote a comment:

MS has good taste, <company> has none

Oh the irony of <CEO of company> accusing MS of having no taste! Those ads were the epitome of tastelessness and the fact that Microsoft won't stoop down to <company>'s level is proof that Microsoft is the company with the superior ethics. It says a lot about <company> when Microsoft is judged to be the morally superior company!!

If you want to read it:


P.S. A few years ago we wanted to have a big (and extremely successful) security event with Swiss TV and <company> and <company> told us that they will not participate because they "do not have a security problem" (sorry, I could not resist)

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