Spotlight – The coolest online event platform

You know about Silverlight, don't you? We built a new Online Event platform on it. Sorry? You did NOT hear of Silverlight yet? Come on, don't tell me you missed this announcement? It is absolutely cool and if you really missed it, there you go: Sliverlight.

But now let's really talk about Spotlight. This is an absolutely cool platform we use for high-class recording of big technical events (or even videos produced especially for spotlight). You can find the homepage of Spotlight here. Additionally there is a blog on Spotlight, giving you the latest news and the opportunity to comment.

There are a few pretty cool security presentations:

If you do not want to look into the dry security stuff, there is a video on there as well showing the unified communication and how it could work (really interesting – but I would never work in this company J):

Have fun


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