No, not security but ultimately cool

Well, I was thinking about whether I actually can post about this – it has nothing to do with security but…

On the other hand – there was a famous artist (René Magritte) playing with these things. I do not know, whether you know this picture:

Ceci n'est pas un blog de sécurité J

OK, let's come back to what I wanted to say:

At home I am running a Windows Vista box as Mediacenter. My key problem was that I do not have TV in my office but often would like to see some sports channel during some work. There have been options to solve this (no, I do not have TV access in my office) but today I found THE solution: Webguide! A small application for the Mediacenter and you can control, program, and use the Mediacenter with a browser J J

Really cool


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