This is a different blog post

You know, normally I blog about all the different security challenges we are facing. This time it is different J (even though I have to care about physical security in the mountains)

At the moment I am sitting at an altitude of about 1800m above sea level having a great time. I am taking a big break (as I usually do during summer) and have some weeks off with my family. I was asked several times before, where we would go. You know, I was asked about all the big and well-known locations: Spain, Italy, US, the Far East – just where everybody else is going during the summer. Hmm, it seems that we are different. We are staying in Switzerland and enjoying the beauty of the Swiss Alps. It is anyway funny: My two sons know more about Dolphins, Lions, Tigers and Elephants than about Marmots or Eagles. Therefore we are going hiking with them and visit quite some mountains and glaciers. This gives us the challenge to motivate the kids to do hiking. Where we are there is a Marmot trial (cool stuff) or a Planet hike (where you visit all the planets) and finally we searched for a Geocache (they love running around and looking for a treasure with a GPS – there is even a Swiss site) – there are even two more just around the corner.

And finally I did running trainings on this altitude for my first half-marathon on September 22nd. Geeze – I am just enjoying my time.

I will be back later this summer.

Looking forward to your comments about the summer break(s)


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