Security not only a Microsoft problem – iPhone finally rooted

It was to be expected – not because Apple built bad security in their iPhone, I am definitely not in the position to judge, but because it was going to happen. Any software product is going to have vulnerabilities as a matter of fact. The more attractive a device or a piece of software is, the more likely it is that the bad guys look at it and publish exploits and vulnerabilities – and the iPhone is very much on top of this list.

We have been blamed for several years now with regards to security and we have been in the key focus of this movement. We accepted this and changed heavily. During my first speech about Trustworthy Computing about 5 years ago I said that the whole industry will finally have to move…

Read yourself about the iPhone: IPhone Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over, Security Firm Says. One quote actually underlines my statement above: "Windows gets hacked all the time not because it is more insecure than Apple, but because 95 percent of computer users are on Windows," he said. "The other 5 percent have enjoyed a honeymoon that will eventually come to an end." – this quote is from Aviel D. Rubin, Independent Security Evaluators' founder and the technical director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University.


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