Stepto becoming a Gamer :-)

If you are working with Microsoft and security you definitely know him – Stephen Toulouse one of the long-term people you know from Microsoft's security units. He worked within the Microsoft Security Response Center as one of our key spokespersons and later on used to be one of the key faces for Trustworthy Computing outreach. There is even a ZDNet article about his job-change: Stepto leaves MS security, goes gaming

He is one of the persons who is internally only called by his e-mail address – being stepto. He once told me that the only time he is called Stephen is, when there was something wrong.

Stepto, thank you for all you did for us out there in the field as well as for our customers. I wish you all the best in the XBox 360 team and I hope that we will have some interfaces together some when later.


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