Crime on SecondLife – a Surprise?

There were recently different articles about crime on SecondLife. What is interesting to me is that a lot of these started to express their surprise.In certain blogs I read statements like: SecondLife is so cool, how could somebody even think of this.

Well if time showed us something we have to learn, it is the fact that crime - especially organized crime - is wherever the money is. If you can commit fraud on SecondLife it will happen. Probably rather sooner than later. What is disgusting is that we started to see pedophiles on SecondLife - but again not surprising.

Is SecondLife to blame: Not as far as I can judge at the moment. If they collaborate with the police, they are fine but the key problem is more on the social side and the question might be asked whether law enforcement as well as our legislation is able to cope with the speed the criminals are looking for new ways for making money. It again shows that a collaboration within the different players (technology vendors, ISPs, operators, police) is the only way to build trust on the Internet.

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