How secure is your router?

It is interesting to see, how the threats and problems move over time - but basically the core problems remain the same: Standard passwords that have not been changed, poorly configured systems, unpatched computers, and - last but not least - no "Secure by Default". And all of a sudden you do not own your router anymore and you router is used for a pharming attack.

If you ready the following article, take a special look at the end: Do not use Windows 95, 98 or Windows XP SP1 anymore! Upgrade to supported versions of Windows in order to make sure that the Operating System is able to defend attacks that are common today (and were not, when the OS was developed).


Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is definitely true but too many people I meet talk about "this OS is good enough for me" and do not realize that the threat environment changed since the initial design of any os

  2. tony roth says:

    your last line is applicable to vista and any future version of any os so why state it?

  3. tony roth says:

    yea being on the internet is damn scary just thinking about ma and pa on the internet scares the holy s##$t out of me. Vista is on the right course but the course is flexible and I don’t envy the task of chasing it.  

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