UAC and the discussions around it

Well, a lot of time when I talk to people about Windows Vista, two things pop up: User Account Control and Digital Rights Management. I will save DRM for an other post but I think that there are two blog posts you could read with regards to UAC:

Jeff Jones wrote an excellent article about how he uses it:

And then, if you want to get technical, it is (once more) Mark's blog that is worth reading.

For me it comes down to the number of pop-ups with UAC and this really has to be put into perspective: I am working as a standard user on my Vista box and rarely need any elevation at all - unless I have to install stuff (and then I want UAC to ask me for elevation). The challenge with UAC is, to survive the first few days - the time during the setup of the machine. There you get a certain amount of prompts (obviously). Once, your machine is set-up and running, well there is barley any need for elevation.


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  1. Trehathetuell says:


    barely a year ago now, my computer got a indeed grim virus. I’m not true how it started, but my computer kept frustrating to run unfamiliar programs and would and [url=]toric
    lenses problems[/url]  become fixed up eDialect right after  it was turned on from vexing to run them. My cousin who has IT practice tried to boost us out. We got the computer stabilised and workable and ended up re-installing Windows upward of the corrupted
    version. At the  after  we cogitation the difficulty was dealt with. come what may, we installed multiple virus scanners and ran scans with AVG exempted from, Virusglance at, Spybot, A

    d-apprised, Xoft-Spy, Stinger and an Online inspection from Symantec assurance Check. Most of these were pronouncement no difficultys, but AVG detected divers viruses that it couldn’t remedy and filed away. The computer was degree slower, but wasn’t too
    noticable at the age. above the ultimate few months, the computer has been getting slower and slower and a elephantine amount of blank on the badly ride herd on hint at has disappeared. We had fro 100GBs fist after the virus and now are down to connected with
    10GB settle accounts allowing we are constantly un-installing programs and we haven’t satisfactorily files or programs on the computer to transform up all the misspent array. This combined with the computer slowing down to a snail-creep precipitousness all
    the age has made it frustrating to use at best. If anyone could provide me any boost, it would be quite much appreciated.

    Deckard’s scheme inspect

    Run by Gerry on 2008-06-23 01:10:41

    Computer is in sane Mode.

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