Security vs. Concenience – A look at Windows Vista

With 4 days to go until Windows Vista General Availability launch, Jim Alchin wrote a pretty interesting (and very long) blog post with regards to security vs. convenience at the example of Windows Vista.

Look at it yourself:

Windows Vista Rocks!!!


Comments (2)

  1. rhalbheer says:

    Well, this is an interesting comment. When we initially went into the first broad distribution within Microsoft with Vista, there was a long, long, long discussion around UAC and the number of prompts.

    There are different views on this: at the moment I think we got o an acceptable point of prompts, once a machine is set-up and running. Nevertheless, there are areas for improvement (why can’t I do a ipconfig /renew with user permissions? As you stated: file delets sometimes are random). Last but not least there are application that are so “dirty” that you simply cannot run them as a user even with all the virutalization…

    What kind of prompts do you think are overkill?

  2. Unfortunately, UAC doesn’t ‘rock’! Far too frequent prompts – often several prompts during one installation, and seemingly random prompts when editing/deleting files. I know many people are turning off UAC because of this, and they are also recommending to others to turn it off too. I don’t think you guys got the balance right – the security is too strict to be convenient.

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