It’s time to start

Well, it is time to open this blog: Starting from February 1st, I will take over the position as a Chief Security Advisor for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. During the last five years, I was holding the same position locally in Switzerland, now moving on to take over the region.

Acting as a CSA, together with my right (or left) hand in Switzerland, I ran a blog targeting the audience locally and I decided that I want to keep up with this tradition. This blog shall not replace any of the official channels, but my core goal is to give you certain information about what we see as Microsoft and what could be interesting for you in the security space.

One experience I made: The Swiss are not too good in posting comments - we rally got any during those years. But as soon as you met one of the readers in person, they all of a sudden started to tell us what they liked (or dis-liked) and how they looked at the blog. Does this change in EMEA? I do not know yet but would appreciate if I would get more feedback from you.

Anyway, I am looking forward working with you in the future


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