The PICNIC Problem

I hope you know the PICNIC problem (Problem in Chair not in Computer) – it happened to me L. I get a significant amount of Spam-comments on my blog, which are filtered in the corresponding Spam-filter. From time to time I clean it up. Unfortunately I made a mistake and deleted about 5 or 6…

Common Criteria and answering the “real” questions

It seems that I am not yet gone J. Eric Bidstrup, a colleague of mine, wrote a great blog post about Common Criteria, where it does a pretty good job and where it fails. Basically he claims – and I could not agree more – that the customer “only” wants to know whether the operating…

I am gone – now :-)

Well, not really but I will now leave for the mountains and go skiing for the next week. Therefore, have a good time and “talk” to you in 2008 Roger BTW: Happy new year as soon as is it started!!!

Insights into our Security Vulnerability Research

Secure Windows just started a blog which could be of interest for you as well. They will give some more insights into our vulnerability research and the outcome thereof. Definitely something worth keeping an eye on, especially if you have a technical background. See yourself: Security Vulnerability Research & Defense Roger

Insight into IPSec

I hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did (now working on losing weight again J). Soon I will be in the mountains but before I leave, I found something pretty interesting to read: Tech Insight: Microsoft’s IPSec Roger


Consumer Trust in e-Business

If the light of the latest outreach we did around scam (Lottery Scam – The voice of the victim), Research firm Ipsos was retained to conduct research with consumers in Germany, Italy, Denmark, UK and The Netherlands. About 3’500 users were contacted and here are some of the highlights (well, lowlights?): 28% of people said…


Lottery Scam – The voice of the victim

We all know that there are scammers telling you that you won in the lottery. A lot of security people think that the victims are naïve and dumb. We just started to run a story on lottery scam and part of it was an interview with a victim. The victim – let’s call him “Mr….


You are hacked – by your toaster :-)

I just read this this morning Man Uses Toaster to Hack Computer. Is this now funny or scary? Roger


HP confirms vulnerabilities on 82 Laptop models.

Remember this post OEMs: Join in to “Secure by Default”? I wrote it in June… Now, HP just confirmed a vulnerability in their software delivered on 82 laptop models on all the different Windows versions: HP Quick Launch Buttons Critical Security Update What about the Security Development Lifecycle for third-party applications? There is a reason,…