The best New Year gift for an IT geek? TechEd Middle East ticket!

Tech·Ed Middle East 2011 is going to be bigger and even more exciting. Here’s a few of the highlights you can expect: Double bigger community! Yes, we’re aiming for 3000 attendees Increased content – over 200 technical sessions Extended Instructor-Labs – more lab sessions and increased facilities A day of Pre-Conference Seminars (optional, additional fees…


TechEd Middle East 2011 – save the date!

While Microsoft Open Door will bring some of the great content of TechEd’s to countries across Middle east and Africa, TechEd Middle East is going to be a full-size amazing event where you can explore things you learn at Open Door deeper with the best speakers and experts worldwide. Here are some details from organizers….


Microsoft Open Door events – sneak peak preview (updated dates)

In short: 17 cities in 15 countries till the end of 2010 and a few more in 2011. The main idea of Open Door events is to bring the best content of the biggest Microsoft international conferences (like TechEd and PDC) to the doors of local IT Professionals and Developers. Topics like Cloud, Office 2010…


Congrats to winners!

So, this is the time to say big thank you to all who participated in the “Enter Island": IT’s the best job in the world”. 1500 people from 21 countries. You guys rock! The official congratulation is here. What I’d like to confess.. I’m a bit jealous to the winners. Should I explain why? Better…


The start of really great week with TechEd

Why I do love TechEd? Not because of content – can read it all online and watch webcast or “how-do-I” videos. But TechEd is a great chance to really meet with the cream of the cream of Technical Community. And here in Dubai this is super special experience since you can meet with people who…


TechEd Middle East – 1 week to go

The same time next week we will be opening doors of the first in history TechEd Middle East. Knowing how much effort and passion the team here in Dubai and across MEA invested into TechEd – it will be a great experience for attendees. Be ready for some surprises for and interesting announcements. Such great…


Attending MVP Summit? Get in touch with TechNet and MSDN team

See the message from my colleagues from Redmond. I’d personally recommend to get in touch with them to make sure that TechNet and MSDN help you as MVPs to share your knowledge.. —————- The Server and Tools Online Group will have two sessions during the MVP summit during the month of February, 2010 in the…


Dev4Devs event in South Africa

Sometimes we forget what MSDN really stands for. And for sure “MS” is not the most important part of the acronym. MS Developers Network. The Devs4Devs event in South Africa that I had a pleasure to participate today – was an amazing proof that networking of technical community is the key to success (and not…


Geeks rule!

Not only the truth, but also the name of the event I participated in Nairobi, Kenya on Nov 25. Emmanuel, Stewart, team thanks a lot for making this happening! What I really liked about the event – is the feeling of a real hunger for information from the community. What I didn’t like – is…


Welcome to Gulf Developer Conference 09!

This is the event to attend this winter! Deep content about new products + local insights and understanding of implementation (not just like ‘Look how cool Win7 is!”, but “here are 1-2-3 steps on how to use Win7 in your current IT-infra and dev process”) Looking forward to see you at GDC’09 Good news –…