A glance back on last 12 month in Middle East and Africa

imageTime really flashes by - it’s already 1 year I work in Middle East and Africa. Should say that looking back and seeing tangible results - is always a good feeling 🙂 So here is my glance backward…

But a short confession first. I’m working with truly great people in Microsoft MEA DPE team - only 40 people who drive amazing work on ¼ of the globe. And I’m really proud of being a part of such a great team of multi-talented professionals who were and are able to get very impressive results in limited time.

Just to support my words with a few facts about MEA DPE organization and last 12 month results (and this is only my side of business – while DPE covers many more):

  • We’re in touch with 700 000 members of IT community across Middle East and Africa
  • We’re regularly communicate with this community through newsletters, blogs and web portals and what’s even more important - locally (in many of 79 MEA countries) and offer unique set of support and free learning opportunities
  • We launched TechNet and MSDN portals in Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew
  • We ran The Best Job in the World contest (and it was so much fun :))
  • We worked with 150+ MVPs across Middle East and Africa

And of course, the beauty of my work is that by job description I should work with the heroes of our time – people who build IT with their own hands. Thank you very much for making my life so busy with tons of interesting things, people, projects and great plans!

P.S. It was my 5th year at Microsoft overall and according to funny internal tradition...


Comments (2)

  1. Neandertalets says:

    Вах вах! Сколка лэт, сколка зым! (С) 🙂

  2. о! и то правда. как оно там в борьбе с московским и мировым МС? 🙂

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