Microsoft Open Door events – sneak peak preview (updated dates)

In short: 17 cities in 15 countries till the end of image2010 and a few more in 2011. The main idea of Open Door events is to bring the best content of the biggest Microsoft international conferences (like TechEd and PDC) to the doors of local IT Professionals and Developers. Topics like Cloud, Office 2010 and Windows 7 best practices, Windows Phone and Web development and of course a deep look into server infrastructure – all that is going to be there.

Want to join? – save the date below!

Want to join as a speaker? – ping me by e-mail.

The list is in chronological order (some dates can change, but slightly):

  1. Beirut, Lebanon, September 29-30 (Done!)
  2. Tripoli, Libya, November 1
  3. Cairo, Egypt, November 2-3 (Done!)
  4. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 2-3 (Done!)
  5. Karachi, Pakistan, November 4-5 (Done!)
  6. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, November 7 (Done!)
  7. Lagos, Nigeria, November, 23 & 25
  8. Port Louis, Mauritius, December 1-2
  9. Algiers , Algeria, December 5-6
  10. Tunis, Tunisia, December 8-9
  11. Nairobi, Kenya, December 8
  12. Amman, Jordan, December 15-16
  13. Casablanca, Morocco, December 14-15
  14. Windhoek, Namibia, February 2011
  15. Reunion, February 2011
  16. Dakar, February 2011
  17. Abidjan, Ivory Coast, February 2011
  • Istanbul, Turkey, February 22-23

more cities will be covered in Jan-Jun 2011 (expanding Open Door events for Turkey and South Africa)

P.S. I can’t tell you for now, but there is going to be The Speaker you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned for who and where 🙂

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