Enter Island: Thanks for a great start!

image Guys, first of all thanks to all of you who joined the fun already!

The reason why we launched this competition on April 1st is.. c’mon how could we miss this day and not to have fun? :)  But in the same time, Microsoft can’t tell anything except truth! So we had no other choice but to make this program and of course give out real prizes 🙂

So 1) this is not a joke 2) we are glad to remind your that the competition will be open till April 30. So it is the right time to invite your friends in – they have a chance to join the fun + vote for you 🙂

Let me remind you the rules a bit:

  1. There a 2 simple steps to enter the competition (see how-to)
  2. Selection of the 2nd step is up to you – what you’re more comfortable with (Facebook or Codeplex), but note that step #1 is mandatory (we just want to make sure you know that there are free betas and trials on MS.com and even activation keys that you don’t need to google Bing on the web :))
  3. There are going to be 3 winners: most popular authors of FB entry and Codeplex project + 1 FB “artist” selected by an independent jury. well, we did all we can to give a chance to win to everyone in IT! Your move!

So my ask for you is super simple – be creative and prove that you’re a true IT person! Note, that there is a limit for 3 entries per person. So please try to concentrate all your creativity in the limited # of entries!

The only thing that I’d like you not to do is to spam or be irrespective to other participants.  

Good luck everyone! And let’s show the world what a great people make IT in Middle East and Africa!

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