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Hi there!

imageTwice a year we are conducting survey among our users and customers – so called Global Relationship Survey. And this is not a type of survey that everybody just fills and the results go nowhere. *All* Microsoft planns further activities based on feedback we are getting from you.

It’s not hard to find examples of what was done because local IT community asked for that:

All this was done because we heard through last surveys that you need more relevant and locally delivered information from Microsoft.

So my kindest request to you -  please share your feedback!

Tell us:

  1. what we can do better for you as a technical professional (I know there is always a room for improvement :))
  2. what we did good over the last year – we need to know if we are moving in the right direction supporting local IT Communities

The survey will be sent from e-mail – please make sure you have this address in the white list. I really don’t want some spam filter to block your ability to share your feedback with Microsoft.

Said this, of course you’re more than welcome to share your feedback “of cycle” and not through a survey, but directly with me or IT Community collaboration the team! To be honest it’s our pleasure and the job in the same time – making sure that Microsoft as corporation hears the voice of IT Pro community and the best members of the community (yes, I mean you, 100% sincerely :))

Comments (5)

  1. thanks blessng! hope you’ll be glad to try other new stuff coming out this year – Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio and of course full pack of Office 2010.

  2. Hi Veronique!

    This survey is sent out to a random set of people from the database of Microsoft customers (not only those who purchased something from us, but also those who attended an event or downloaded something from The sample is about 20K+ people for Middle East and Africa.

    Anyway, even if you will not be the part of this sample this wave of survey (still it’s random process) – no problem at all. My inbox (renatmin at microsoft dot com) is absolutely open for any constructive feedback!

    Thanks a lot for interest in sharing your feedback!

  3. Veronique Palmer says:

    How do you get on the mailing list for this survey?

  4. blessng says:

    windows 7 is better than vista

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