Answering some questions from the community

image Got another portion of eye-opening questions this week. Our MVPs and User Group leaders asked me few times – how can we get content and support for running our local events?

Just 1 click away - Community Launch. What is the Community Launch? Content + trainings + some free goodies available for your events directly from Microsoft Corp. Sometimes we don't do a good job informing the community about what we have for you..But we’re committed to improve!

More over, right now User Group Support Services (UGSS) is working on improvements to the UGSS to make this a more valuable tool for you. My friends in Corp are collecting feedback from UG leads and MVPs on what exact type of support is more valuable for you:

  1. Do you need more offline content?

  2. Do you need more free goodies and souvenirs?

  3. Do you need some speakers?

Just let me and corp guys know about it by responding on this very simple survey at by 4th of Jan 2010!

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