Meetings in Nigeria and mobile productivity

Wow, that was a loooong day. But even after it I feel really good. Why? Because not everyday you meet with people who changes lives of 140 million people, by bringing IT in Nigeria.

There are pretty long list of action items that me and Ken Spann, my friend and colleague, will take home.

But first of all, I’d like to say BIG THANK YOU to Ejide Oladunmoye, Executive Secretary of Nigeria Computer Society, and Tim Akano, managing director of New Horizons. These 2 meetings were really eye-opening – looking forward to continue our collaboration!

P.S. Sharing the presentation file that I was using today – thanks in advance for help help to spread the information further!

P.P.S. Was writing this post from traffic jam in Lagos where we ken and myself stuck for few hours 🙂 It’s not actually a complain – it’s way to say WOW! Wherever you are on the planet – you can be productive and in touch with friends. I've just checked it in a pretty straightforward way 🙂



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