Happy New Year, my friends!

Even the New Year, astronomically, is nothing more than a formal start of a new circle of one globe around another bigger and glowing one – I’d like to wish to all passengers of this smaller globe (and specifically those who read my blog) all the best in this trip! 🙂 This year was challenging,…


Have a great holidays!

Whatever you’re celebrating or just going to celebrate – all the best wishes from the team and myself personally! This is the first holidays season for me in this role and the area.. and you know what? Each and every day I’m getting something new and interesting from the community – this is the best…


Windows Server 2008 R2 in one picture

Is Windows Server a complex product? Of course it is! But with Silverlight Deep Zoom you can explore it through 1 poster 🙂 Click here to see that super-cool poster – http://seadragon.com/view/hid


Answering some questions from the community

Got another portion of eye-opening questions this week. Our MVPs and User Group leaders asked me few times – how can we get content and support for running our local events? Just 1 click away – Community Launch. What is the Community Launch? Content + trainings + some free goodies available for your events directly from Microsoft…


Who’s online at Microsoft Middle East and Africa?

Ok, I confess I just a newbie in Yahoo Pipes. But due to unstoppable desire to introduce you to other Microsoft colleagues who are online on their blog and twits I created 2 pipes that could be useful for you: Microsoft Middle East and Africa Bloggers Feed Microsoft Middle East and Africa Twitters Feed You…


Тотальный оффтоп – философское

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Meetings in Nigeria and mobile productivity

Wow, that was a loooong day. But even after it I feel really good. Why? Because not everyday you meet with people who changes lives of 140 million people, by bringing IT in Nigeria. There are pretty long list of action items that me and Ken Spann, my friend and colleague, will take home. But…