Geeks rule!

imageNot only the truth, but also the name of the event I participated in Nairobi, Kenya on Nov 25.

Emmanuel, Stewart, team thanks a lot for making this happening!

What I really liked about the event - is the feeling of a real hunger for information from the community. What I didn’t like – is that I got another prove that we, as Microsoft, are not doing a good job informing out tech guys about the ways of getting information. I heard a lot of these from the audience:

  1. “what do you mean I can download it publicly?”

  2. “really? are these e-learnings and webcasts for free?”

  3. “what forums you mention where I can ask my question? TechNet/MSDN?”

From now on I commit to make sure these MSDN links are known to all MEA developers communities I meet, talk and/or e-mail (and the same links on TechNet are known for IT Pros):

ppt and other stuff will be available in this post

Ping me if you have ay questions guys!

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    как в анекдоте: ну а альтернатива? Альтернатива – блоги 🙂 Спасибо, что тут читаете! Оч надеюсь, что поможет Вам, а Вы потом ещё паре-тройке десятков-сотен-тысяч поможете 🙂

  2. Fou says:

    В общем-то да. Когда нужно найти и скачать что-то конкретное, то сайты MS одно из самых запутанных и неудобных мест. По ключевым словам поиск какой только далёкой от предмета поиска "ерунды" не выдаёт. Вопросы выше возникают в т.ч. от этого. Пока найдёшь – спаму начитаешься.

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