Small, very small world.. Discoveries from Jordan meetings

Like one of my friends says: the Earth is actually not a globe, but a cube – that’s why so many people are meeting each other right behind the corner 🙂

During my biz trip to Jordan I had a meeting with local user group leads. An I was really surprised when one of them suddenly switched from Arabic and start to talk in very good Russian 🙂

Hikmat KanaanAs I found out in further discussion, Hikmat Kanaan, one of the the main driver of  Jordan IT Pros, spent 5 years in Russia helping local IT industry in 199x. Then he got back to Palestine to land a lot of amazing IT-projects to eliminate digital illiteracy. Fun thing that appeared in discussion as well – they were collaborating with Intel in Palestine and used the such exotic Intel’s equipment as Digital Microscope. We used the same stuff during Intel University Campus Program in Russia. Looks like global companies can really land global impact. And I really glad when it’s positive impact.

Now Hikmat is in Jordan, helping to land Rue of Law project in Jordan, and helps to form IT Community jointly with other active members and MVPs – I’ll definitely will write next post about those great guys as well.

Looking forward to great discussions we started here with MVP community and UG leads here. The team and myself are really keen to help you to help  IT people to do the most with Microsoft and take as much benefits of being in IT as possible.

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