A few great MEA events I wished to visit last month..

Just wanted to share with you some pictures from a few great events that happened across Middle East and Africa. Using my chance would like to say BIG THANK YOU for all attendees (online or offline!) for the interest and to my colleagues for organizing it!

Microsoft Developer Days @ Nigeria Great job by Ken Spann and presentation from Anton Delsink (http://blogs.msdn.com/codedebate). These guys are really changing the world!

SDC10529  SDC10514

The First Joint Microsoft Community Summit @ Saudi Arabia – 300 attendees, “full-contact” chats and feedback, driven by great guys from local communities with support from Ammar Abutharaya 


Jordan reMix  was not only great offline event, but since it was broadcasted online, it has reached 1K+. Once again I’m super happy to see those events being organized not by MS, but by great local tech communities and influencers. Special kudos to Muhanad Omar (@muhanado) and Samer Chidiac (http://blogs.msdn.com/samer/)!


Testing week festival @ Israel – where the team ran 6 events in where was sharing info about freshly baked VSTS 2010 beta 2! Shelly Linor and the team done everything really great! (just in case – I don’t know if Shelly is on photo and I will not ask! corporate ethics, you know :))



To be honest there a way more events and great examples from Pakistan, South Africa, Gulf and many others, but it simply doesn’t fit in one post. Will continue soon while be travelling through the countries and meeting with teams and communities personally.

Thank you for making IT world better!

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  1. he-he, I thought about apple-like screens as well. but! a) there’s Windows on it anyway (hardware is just a hardware :)) b) it could be a stylish Sony

    Will double check with Ken on that anway.

    P.S. I love IT Community! People will be looking at hardware on the first picture vs. a way more attractive* view on the last one 🙂

    * – just a subjective personal point of view 🙂

  2. Ups! Guys from Nigeria use so many Apple computers =)))) Are they developing software for MasOS? =P

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