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We live in the insecure world. Some countries are less secure than others. When it comes to IT Security – it’s the same. The difference for IT security – it is really up to us to change it!

Meanwhile, latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v7 gives pretty interesting picture:


Some short summary:

  1. 5 of MEA countries are in Top25 most infected world wide (Turkey #2!!, Saudi Arabia #6, Egypt #12, Jordan #20, Bahrein #23)
  2. SIR v7 offers is detailed reports for Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,
    Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and South Africa
  3. Knowledge is power – SIR v7 includes the most effective tactics for fighting with cyber hazards. Relevant data, common sense and your professionalism – all you need to be successful!

You may download key findings (~2MB) or full report (~11MB)

P.S. Below is some more interesting pictures and data via @rhalbheer

Now, to close this very, very short summary of the report, it is definitely worth looking at two additional graphs. One is the malware distribution per Operating System:


This supports a statement I make so often: If I would have one wish to our customers, it would be: “Always stay on the latest version of all the software you have” – not from a business perspective but from a security view. And the second wish would be, cover all your software, when you do patch management. Remember my post called Patch Management – Cover the whole 9 yards? I told you that you should take care of the whole software stack – not “just” Microsoft. And the reason for that is the following diagram:

500x291[1] As you can easily see, our share in the overall vulnerability landscape is very, very small. So, we need a joint effort across the whole industry to write secure software from the bottom up with processes like the Security Development Lifecycle! And guess what – your problem will not become easier to solve when you move to the cloud.

Now, if you want to read the report, here are the important links:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Alaa! thanks for spreading the word about how to fight with security threats!

  2. Alaa Ajweh says:

    Very interesting! this information is very useful when it comes to security sessions. great post Renat 😉

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