Regulatory Compliance Learning Resources

There’s a new page on Technet that lists regulatory compliance resources currently available from Microsoft.  The URL is  Additional resources will be added to this page as they become available.


Feedback Requested: What is your biggest compliance headache?

This is your opportunity to vent!  What causes you the most heartburn around compliance.  Is it the auditors? the documentation? the requests for evidence?  Leave your biggest compliance headache in the comments. –Bill Canning


SOX spending will continue

According to this article, two-thirds of CIOs say that SOX spending is a high-priority, and of those, almost 50% say that spending on SOX will increase. –Bill Canning


Non-RC: Shared Use Toolkit Beta Released

One of my co-workers has just released a beta version of a very cool toolkit for shared computers.  You can find out more here. –Bill Canning


AMR predicts regulatory compliance spending

AMR Research recently released their predictions for regulatory compliance spending.  In short, they predict spending of $15.5 billion for 2005, and $80 billion over the next 5 years.  See the article here.


National Data Breach Notification Law Coming?

There may be a new law to comply with: a federal data breach notification law (a la California SB-1386).  See for more information. –Bill