Microsoft Regulatory Compliance Planning Guide Update

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IT personnel often feel unprepared to meet management's need for IT compliance because of myriad definitions and expectations. The small size of some organizations can also complicate an IT manager's approach to the problem by delaying the deployment of more advanced enterprise management technologies. Many questions must be addressed prior to any changes in IT: How does the organization organize its data? Who truly needs access? What IT changes are needed to facilitate compliance? What business processes will be affected? Who will be making these changes? Most importantly to an IT manager, how can this compliance burden be shifted to technology?


Microsoft is working to build upon the guidance provided in the original Regulatory Compliance Planning Guide (RCPG) and will release an updated RCPG document to assist IT managers who are facing compliance configuration issues. The guide will contain regulatory compliance configuration guidance for major Microsoft technologies commonly found within the IT data centers of US organizations. The  guidance will reference existing information across Microsoft's many product lines and services in a comprehensive manner. The IT manager will be able to select deployed Microsoft products, select US regulatory and standards requirements applicable to the business, and then review a checklist of configuration guidance points by each listed Microsoft product. Guidance is organized to MOF 4.0, the Microsoft Operations Framework ( This approach establishes a life cycle-oriented framework that addresses the planning, development, operations, and management of IT compliance management. Those not familiar with MOF may have exposure to ITIL, but even if you have no prior knowledge of IT frameworks, MOF is designed for anyone who needs to understand and implement a lifecycle solution to IT management.


The RCPG development team is looking for active participation from within the IT community. If the questions in the first paragraph apply to you, we want to hear from you! We have scheduled several Live Meeting sessions to meet with you in the hopes of fine-tuning content and formatting to your needs—head over to the following link to join in the discussions. We sincerely need your feedback to enable everyone to successfully configure IT to its true potential.


We will be holding Live Meeting sessions to present our ideas, and we seek your participation and input. If you participate you will be asked to respond to several questions that relate to GRC.


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-Jeffrey, member of the Microsoft RCPG Development Team

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