Automatic deployment of SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010

Before you begin, here are some reasons for applying this method: Today, the diversity of the IT team or outsourcing potentially exposes your system to human error. New SharePoint Server or Project Server is infrequent and easily generates omissions. Finally, the complexity and this type of installation is also a factor error.   Now we can pass to…


Olap Cube is taking several hours to build on SQL 2005

Following the performance trend I was thinking to blog some of the best practices for the Project Server.   Some old issues related to the Olap Cube performance are related to the SQL Server flag. After enabling this flags I’ve seen improvements from several hours to several minutes.   –Enable the trace flags DBCC TRACEON(-1,4121,4101)…


How to create a Web Performance Test using Visual Studio Ultimate

Let’s say that you notice a bad performance on the Project Server during 9AM-12AM Timeframe but since it’s the production environment you cannot to much troubleshooting during that period.You have a service window but in that timeframe you have no user load. All the tasks will be run on the client machine prepared for load…


How to assign a Skill set to a Task in Project Server 2010

Generic Resources are usually used for planning purposes when you don’t know for sure which resource can handle your task at a certain date. You have the possibility to assign a Skill set (AD, SQL, Networking) to this generic Resources and to assign this skill set to a real Resource as well. This way you can…


When Trying to install a update you get "The expected version of the product was not found on the system."

I came on my test environment across this problem when trying to install the latest update I’ve got the error message: “The expected version of the product was not found on the system” this can occur on Project 2007 and 2010. Running the following command from the command prompt will do the trick “office-kb.exe PACKAGE.BYPASS.DETECTION.CHECK=1″…


Unexpected behaviour for Sharepoint and Project Server and not only

Sometimes it might happen that you run into very random issues and cannot reproduce the problem. This might happen due to the antivirus that is blocking temporary files to scan them and by this it’s putting the files also in read only mode and this is most often the cause for some very strange behaviours…


How to create a Project Server Test environment from your production environment – or – Project Server 2010 Backup and Restore

1) Backup your source databases. Open SQL Server Management Studio and identify the five requireddatabases (Archive, Draft, Published, Reporting and Content): Right click on the source databases, and select Tasks >Backup.  Save the files in a place you will be able to find them again. Afterwards, you should have all of the databases in onelocation….


Exchange Server 2007 integration with Project Server 2010

I’ve noticed that sometimes Exchange Server 2007 integration doesn’t integrate seamless as followed on the following technet article: This could be related to the AD – Exchange Server 2007 integration at the AD level, as sometimes users don’t get recognized and you must use the AD display name or FQDN name. Here are some…


Mainstream Support for Project Server Ends on 9th October 2012

Important reminder for the one that are still using Project Server 2007, as the Product is ending the mainstream support Take into account to migrate from Project 2007 to Project 2010, you can find the migration path on : or you can check the plan to migrate directly to Project 2013 as soon as it…